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The differentiation between 2M Child Safety and the others is our willingness to use leading edge technology, delivering an advantage to ourselves and our customers.  


With our knowledge of game changing technology, including 2K moulding, multi-colour moulding, variotherm and other injection moulding techniques we can help you ensure that you remain a step ahead of your competition.

The 2M Child Safety range of buckles & associated components for Child Restraint Systems (CRS) in Europe and China include:


•      Group 0+ Buckles (under development)

•      Group 1 Buckles

•      Central Adjusters, Tri-Glides & D-Rings

•      ISOFIX Connectors

•      Full Webbing Assemblies 

•      Exclusive OEM Injection Moulded Products

Tulip Group 1 Buckle

Introducing the TULIP Group 1 Buckle, the first buckle to be launched by 2M Child Safety.  

Adjusters & Backplates

2M Child Safety offer a standard range of Adjusters & Backplates with dimensions & materials common to ECE 44.04. We also offer bespoke designs to customer specifications.

ISOFIX Connectors
& Accessories

2M Child Safety have standard ISOFIX connectors to ECE 44.04 requirements and a standard ISOFIX cone.   We also offer bespoke design & colour options to customer specifications.  

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